Class GlobalLoader

  • public class GlobalLoader
    extends Object
    The GlobalLoader is different to the bucket-based loaders in that it tries to fetch a cluster global configuration which is not bound to a specific bucket.

    Global loading is part of the initial bootstrap sequence, even before a bucket is opened at all. This operation might fail on older clusters, higher level components need to deal with this accordingly.

    • Constructor Detail

      • GlobalLoader

        public GlobalLoader​(Core core)
    • Method Detail

      • load

        public Mono<ProposedGlobalConfigContext> load​(NodeIdentifier seed,
                                                      int port)
        Tries to load the global configuration.

        Please note that at this point, we are passing an Optional.empty() for alternate addresses when the service is created, since we do not have a config to check against at this point. The config provider will take care of this at a later point in time, before the rest of the bootstrap happens.

        seed - the seed node to load from.
        port - the port number for the KV service.
        once complete a proposed global config context to update.