Class GlobalRefresher

  • public class GlobalRefresher
    extends Object
    The GlobalRefresher keeps the cluster-level global config up-to-date.

    It works very similar to the key value refresher on the bucket level, but explicitly has no bucket level scope. It can be started and stopped, since there might be situations where polling is not needed.

    • Constructor Detail

      • GlobalRefresher

        public GlobalRefresher​(ConfigurationProvider provider,
                               Core core)
        Creates a new global refresher.
        provider - the config provider which should get the config updates proposed.
        core - the core to send the config commands to.
    • Method Detail

      • pollerInterval

        protected Duration pollerInterval()
        Allows to override the default poller interval in tests to speed them up.
        the poller interval as a duration.
      • shutdown

        public Mono<Void> shutdown()