Class KeyValueMessageHandler

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    public class KeyValueMessageHandler
    This handler is responsible for writing KV requests and completing their associated responses once they arrive.
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      void channelActive​( ctx)
      Actions to be performed when the channel becomes active.
      void channelInactive​( ctx)  
      void channelRead​( ctx, Object msg)  
      void write​( ctx, Object msg, promise)  
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        channelReadComplete, channelRegistered, channelUnregistered, channelWritabilityChanged, exceptionCaught, userEventTriggered
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      • channelActive

        public void channelActive​( ctx)
        Actions to be performed when the channel becomes active.

        Since the opaque is incremented in the handler below during bootstrap but now is only modified in this handler, cache the reference since the attribute lookup is more costly.

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        channelActive in interface
        channelActive in class
        ctx - the channel context.
      • write

        public void write​( ctx,
                          Object msg,
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        write in interface
        write in class
      • channelRead

        public void channelRead​( ctx,
                                Object msg)
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        channelRead in interface
        channelRead in class
      • channelInactive

        public void channelInactive​( ctx)
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        channelInactive in interface
        channelInactive in class