Class DiagnosticsResult

  • public class DiagnosticsResult
    extends Object
    This report provides insight into the current cluster state from the point of view of the client.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DiagnosticsResult

        public DiagnosticsResult​(Map<ServiceType,​List<EndpointDiagnostics>> endpoints,
                                 String sdk,
                                 String id)
        Creates the new diagnostics report.

        Note that this is internal API and should not be called at the application level.

        endpoints - the health of each individual endpoint.
        sdk - the sdk identifier.
        id - the report ID.
    • Method Detail

      • id

        public String id()
        The ID of this report.
        the ID, either automatically generated or the one provided by the user.
      • version

        public int version()
        The version of this report (useful when exporting to JSON).
        the version format of this report.
      • sdk

        public String sdk()
        The identifier of this SDK (useful when exporting to JSON).
        the identifier of this SDK.
      • state

        public ClusterState state()
        Returns the aggregated and simplified cluster state.
      • exportToJson

        public String exportToJson()
        Exports this report into the standard JSON format which is consistent across different SDKs.
        the report encoded as JSON.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object