Class HealthPinger

  • @Internal
    public class HealthPinger
    extends Object
    The HealthPinger allows to "ping" individual services with real operations for their health.

    This can be used by up the stack code to assert the given state of a connected cluster and/or bucket.

    • Constructor Detail

      • HealthPinger

        public HealthPinger()
    • Method Detail

      • ping

        public static Mono<PingResult> ping​(Core core,
                                            Optional<Duration> timeout,
                                            RetryStrategy retryStrategy,
                                            Set<ServiceType> serviceTypes,
                                            Optional<String> reportId,
                                            Optional<String> bucketName)
        Performs a service ping against all or (if given) the services provided.
        core - the core instance against to check.
        timeout - the timeout for each individual and total ping report.
        retryStrategy - the retry strategy to use for each ping.
        serviceTypes - if present, limits the queried services for the given types.
        a mono that completes once all pings have been completed as well.