Class QueryEndpoint

All Implemented Interfaces:
Endpoint, Stateful<EndpointState>

public class QueryEndpoint extends BaseEndpoint
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    • pipelineInitializer

      protected PipelineInitializer pipelineInitializer()
      Description copied from class: BaseEndpoint
      Returns the initialize which adds endpoint-specific handlers to the pipeline.
      Specified by:
      pipelineInitializer in class BaseEndpoint
    • disconnect

      public void disconnect()
      Description copied from interface: Endpoint
      Instruct this Endpoint to disconnect.

      This method is async and will return immediately. Use the other methods available to inspect the current state of the endpoint, signaling potential successful disconnection attempts.

      Specified by:
      disconnect in interface Endpoint
      disconnect in class BaseEndpoint
    • markRequestCompletion

      @Internal public void markRequestCompletion()
      Description copied from class: BaseEndpoint
      Called from the event loop handlers to mark a request as being completed.

      We need to make this call explicitly from the outside and cannot just listen on the request response callback because with streaming responses the actual completion might happen much later.

      markRequestCompletion in class BaseEndpoint