Interface Response

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AnalyticsResponse, AppendResponse, BaseResponse, BucketConfigResponse, BucketConfigStreamingResponse, CarrierBucketConfigResponse, CarrierGlobalConfigResponse, CoreHttpResponse, CoreTransactionResponse, DecrementResponse, GenericManagerResponse, GetAndLockResponse, GetAndTouchResponse, GetCollectionIdResponse, GetCollectionManifestResponse, GetMetaResponse, GetResponse, IncrementResponse, InsertResponse, KeyValueBaseResponse, KvPingResponse, MultiObserveViaCasResponse, NoopResponse, ObserveViaCasResponse, ObserveViaSeqnoResponse, PrependResponse, QueryResponse, RangeScanCancelResponse, RangeScanContinueResponse, RangeScanCreateResponse, RemoveResponse, ReplaceResponse, SearchResponse, SubdocGetResponse, SubdocMutateResponse, TouchResponse, UnlockResponse, UpsertResponse, ViewResponse

public interface Response
This interface is the base entity for all Responses flowing through the client.
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    Modifier and Type
    Holds the status of the response.
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    • status

      ResponseStatus status()
      Holds the status of the response.

      Note that it might indicate a successful response or an error of some other sorts. Please see the enum for further description of the potential states it can be in.

      the status for this response.