Interface SyncDurabilityRequest

All Known Implementing Classes:
AppendRequest, DecrementRequest, IncrementRequest, InsertRequest, PrependRequest, RemoveRequest, ReplaceRequest, SubdocMutateRequest, UpsertRequest

public interface SyncDurabilityRequest
Marker interface to signal that the given request supports synchronous durability.
  • Method Details

    • durabilityLevel

      Optional<DurabilityLevel> durabilityLevel()
      Returns the durability level if present.
    • applyLevelOnSpan

      default void applyLevelOnSpan(Optional<DurabilityLevel> level, RequestSpan span)
      Helper method to apply the durability level if present to the request span.
      level - the level to potentially apply.
      span - the span on which it should be applied on.