Class ClientRecordDetails


@Internal public class ClientRecordDetails extends Object
Utility class to store the result of a client checking/updating the Client Record doc.
Graham Pople
  • Constructor Details

    • ClientRecordDetails

      public ClientRecordDetails(int numActiveClients, int indexOfThisClient, boolean clientIsNew, List<String> expiredClientIds, int numExistingClients, int numExpiredClients, boolean overrideEnabled, long overrideExpires, long casNowNanos)
  • Method Details

    • numActiveClients

      public int numActiveClients()
    • indexOfThisClient

      public int indexOfThisClient()
    • clientIsNew

      public boolean clientIsNew()
    • expiredClientIds

      public List<String> expiredClientIds()
    • numExistingClients

      public int numExistingClients()
    • numExpiredClients

      public int numExpiredClients()
    • overrideEnabled

      public boolean overrideEnabled()
    • overrideExpires

      public long overrideExpires()
    • casNow

      public long casNow()
    • overrideActive

      public boolean overrideActive()