Class CbThrowables


@Internal public class CbThrowables extends Object
  • Method Details

    • findCause

      public static <T extends Throwable> Optional<T> findCause(Throwable t, Class<T> type)
      Walks the causal chain of the given throwable (starting with the given throwable itself) and returns the first throwable that is an instance of the specified type.
    • hasCause

      public static boolean hasCause(Throwable t, Class<? extends Throwable> type)
      Returns true if the given throwable or any throwable in its causal chain is an instance of the given type.
    • throwIfUnchecked

      public static void throwIfUnchecked(Throwable t)
      If the given Throwable is an instance of RuntimeException or Error, throw it. Otherwise do nothing.
    • throwIfInstanceOf

      public static <T extends Throwable> void throwIfInstanceOf(Throwable t, Class<T> clazz) throws T
      If the given Throwable is an instance of the given class, throw it. Otherwise do nothing.
      T extends Throwable
    • propagate

      public static RuntimeException propagate(Throwable t)
      Throws the given throwable if it is unchecked, otherwise throws a new CouchbaseException with the given exception as a cause.
      this function always throws an exception, and never returns a value
    • getStackTraceAsString

      public static String getStackTraceAsString(Throwable t)