Class ConsistencyUtil


@Internal public class ConsistencyUtil extends Object
Helper routines for tests to wait for all nodes to have a consistent view of a resource.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ConsistencyUtil

      public ConsistencyUtil()
  • Method Details

    • pathForUser

      public static CoreHttpPath pathForUser(String domain, String name)
    • pathForGroup

      public static CoreHttpPath pathForGroup(String name)
    • pathForBucket

      public static CoreHttpPath pathForBucket(String name)
    • pathForView

      public static CoreHttpPath pathForView(String bucketName, String designDocument, String viewName)
    • pathForDesignDocument

      public static CoreHttpPath pathForDesignDocument(String bucketName, String designDocument)
    • pathForSearchIndex

      public static CoreHttpPath pathForSearchIndex(String indexName)
    • waitUntilUserPresent

      public static void waitUntilUserPresent(Core core, String domain, String name)
    • waitUntilUserDropped

      public static void waitUntilUserDropped(Core core, String domain, String name)
    • waitUntilGroupPresent

      public static void waitUntilGroupPresent(Core core, String name)
    • waitUntilGroupDropped

      public static void waitUntilGroupDropped(Core core, String name)
    • waitUntilBucketPresent

      public static void waitUntilBucketPresent(Core core, String name)
    • waitUntilBucketDropped

      public static void waitUntilBucketDropped(Core core, String name)
    • waitUntilDesignDocumentPresent

      public static void waitUntilDesignDocumentPresent(Core core, String bucketName, String designDocument)
    • waitUntilDesignDocumentDropped

      public static void waitUntilDesignDocumentDropped(Core core, String bucketName, String designDocument)
    • waitUntilViewPresent

      public static void waitUntilViewPresent(Core core, String bucketName, String designDocument, String viewName)
    • waitUntilViewDropped

      public static void waitUntilViewDropped(Core core, String bucketName, String designDocument, String viewName)
    • waitUntilScopePresent

      public static void waitUntilScopePresent(Core core, String bucketName, String scopeName)
    • waitUntilScopeDropped

      public static void waitUntilScopeDropped(Core core, String bucketName, String scopeName)
    • waitUntilCollectionPresent

      public static void waitUntilCollectionPresent(Core core, String bucketName, String scopeName, String collectionName)
    • waitUntilCollectionDropped

      public static void waitUntilCollectionDropped(Core core, String bucketName, String scopeName, String collectionName)
    • waitUntilSearchIndexPresent

      public static void waitUntilSearchIndexPresent(Core core, String indexName)
    • waitUntilSearchIndexDropped

      public static void waitUntilSearchIndexDropped(Core core, String indexName)