Class PasswordAuthenticator

    • Constructor Detail

      • PasswordAuthenticator

        public PasswordAuthenticator​(String password)
      • PasswordAuthenticator

        public PasswordAuthenticator​(String username,
                                     String password)
    • Method Detail

      • getCredentials

        public List<Credential> getCredentials​(CredentialContext context,
                                               String specific)
        Description copied from interface: Authenticator
        Retrieve the credentials store by this Authenticator for the given CredentialContext and optional specific. If no corresponding credential can be found, an empty list is returned. If the context / specific cannot be processed by this Authenticator, throws an IllegalArgumentException.
        Specified by:
        getCredentials in interface Authenticator
        context - the context for which the credential(s) will be used.
        specific - a more restrictive sub-context specific to the context.
        a list of credentials that can be used for the context/operation, or empty list if none was set for this context+specific combination.
      • username

        public String username()
      • password

        public String password()