Class LegacyTranscoder

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        public static final int DEFAULT_COMPRESSION_THRESHOLD
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LegacyTranscoder

        public LegacyTranscoder()
      • LegacyTranscoder

        public LegacyTranscoder​(int compressionThreshold)
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      • doDecode

        protected LegacyDocument doDecode​(String id,
                                          long cas,
                                          int expiry,
                                          int flags,
                                          ResponseStatus status)
                                   throws Exception
        Description copied from class: AbstractTranscoder
        Perform the decoding of the received response.
        Specified by:
        doDecode in class AbstractTranscoder<LegacyDocument,​Object>
        id - the id of the document.
        content - the encoded content of the document.
        cas - the cas value of the document.
        expiry - the expiration time of the document.
        flags - the flags set on the document.
        status - the response status.
        the decoded document.
        Exception - if something goes wrong during the decode process.
      • encodeNum

        public static byte[] encodeNum​(long l,
                                       int maxBytes)
      • decodeLong

        public static long decodeLong​(byte[] b)
      • deserialize

        protected Object deserialize​(byte[] in)
      • compress

        protected byte[] compress​(byte[] in)
      • decompress

        protected byte[] decompress​(byte[] in)