Class DesignDocument

  • public class DesignDocument
    extends Object
    Represents a design document to store and load.
    Michael Nitschinger
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      • from

        public static DesignDocument from​(String name,
                                          JsonObject raw)
        Create a design document from a JSON representation of it. The JSON is expected to contain 3 JSON objects: a "views" object with an entry for each raw view, a "spatial" object for spatial views and an "options" object for design document options (see DesignDocument.Option).
        name - the name of the design document.
        raw - the raw JSON representing the design document.
        the corresponding DesignDocument object.
      • name

        public String name()
        the name of the DesignDocument.
      • views

        public List<View> views()
        Returns a list of the views (raw and spatial) contained in the design document. When you obtain this DesignDocument from the SDK, you can mutate the list. Once you upsert the DesignDocument again, this allows you to add a view or even replace an existing view definition (make sure the updated definition uses the same name as the original and is inserted last).
        the list of Views in the design document.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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