Interface Authenticator

All Known Implementing Classes:
CertAuthenticator, ClassicAuthenticator, PasswordAuthenticator

public interface Authenticator
An Authenticator abstracts credential management for various couchbase operations (all of which fall into one CredentialContext). The interface allows SDK classes to retrieve credentials corresponding to both a context and a specific (wich can be optional for some contexts).
Simon Baslé
  • Method Details

    • getCredentials

      List<Credential> getCredentials​(CredentialContext context, String specific)
      Retrieve the credentials store by this Authenticator for the given CredentialContext and optional specific. If no corresponding credential can be found, an empty list is returned. If the context / specific cannot be processed by this Authenticator, throws an IllegalArgumentException.
      context - the context for which the credential(s) will be used.
      specific - a more restrictive sub-context specific to the context.
      a list of credentials that can be used for the context/operation, or empty list if none was set for this context+specific combination.
      IllegalArgumentException - when the context+specific combination is not supported by an Authenticator implementation.
    • isEmpty

      boolean isEmpty()
      true if this Authenticator doesn't have any credentials set.