Interface ClusterInfo

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public interface ClusterInfo
Provides information about a Cluster. Selected bucket properties are available through explicit getters, the full (raw JSON) response from the server is accessible through the raw() method. Note that the response is subject to change across server versions and therefore should be properly checked before being used.
Michael Nitschinger
  • Method Details

    • raw

      JsonObject raw()
      Provides raw access to the full JSON information from the server.
      the raw JSON cluster info.
    • checkAvailable

      boolean checkAvailable​(CouchbaseFeature feature)
      Checks the availability of a specified CouchbaseFeature on the associated Cluster. Note that this relies on getMinVersion(). If said method returns Version.NO_VERSION then the feature will be deemed unavailable (this method will return false).
      feature - the feature to check for.
      true if minimum node server version is compatible with the feature, false otherwise.
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    • getMinVersion

      Version getMinVersion()
      Returns the smallest node version (thus oldest version) in the cluster from which this ClusterInfo was taken. If list of version cannot be obtained then this returns Version.NO_VERSION.
      the smallest (oldest) server version in the cluster.
    • getAllVersions

      List<Version> getAllVersions()
      Returns the list of Version obtained from the cluster from which this ClusterInfo was obtained. In case the versions cannot be obtained, an empty list is returned.
      the list of nodes versions, or an empty list in case of errors.