Interface CouchbaseEnvironment

All Superinterfaces:
ConfigParserEnvironment, CoreEnvironment, SecureEnvironment
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public interface CouchbaseEnvironment
extends CoreEnvironment
The CouchbaseEnvironment which shares state across Clusters.
Michael Nitschinger
  • Method Details

    • managementTimeout

      long managementTimeout()
      The default timeout for management operations, set to DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.MANAGEMENT_TIMEOUT.
      the default management timeout.
    • queryTimeout

      long queryTimeout()
      The default timeout for query operations, set to DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.QUERY_TIMEOUT.
      the default query timeout.
    • viewTimeout

      long viewTimeout()
      The default timeout for view operations, set to DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.VIEW_TIMEOUT.
      the default view timeout.
    • searchTimeout

      long searchTimeout()
      The default timeout for search operations, set to DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.SEARCH_TIMEOUT.
      the default search timeout.
    • analyticsTimeout

      long analyticsTimeout()
      The default timeout for analytics operations, set to DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.ANALYTICS_TIMEOUT.
      the default analytics timeout.
    • kvTimeout

      long kvTimeout()
      The default timeout for binary (key/value) operations, set to DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.KV_TIMEOUT.
      the default binary timeout.
    • connectTimeout

      long connectTimeout()
      The default timeout for connect operations, set to DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.CONNECT_TIMEOUT.
      the default connect timeout.
    • dnsSrvEnabled

      boolean dnsSrvEnabled()
      Returns whether DNS SRV lookup for the bootstrap nodes is enabled or not.
      true if enabled, false otherwise.
    • clientVersion

      String clientVersion()
      Returns version information on the Couchbase Java SDK client. Version number is in the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, and is the one for the java-client layer.
      the version string for the Java client.
      See Also:
      for a more specific build information (relevant for tracking the exact version of the code the client was built from), for the same information but relative to the core layer.
    • clientBuild

      String clientBuild()
      Returns build information on the Couchbase Java SDK client. This has a better granularity than clientVersion() and thus is more relevant to track the exact version of the code the client was built from. Build information can contain VCS information like commit numbers, tags, etc...
      the build string for the Java client.
      See Also:
      for more generic version information., for the same information but relative to the core layer.
    • cryptoManager

      Returns the crypto manager set. Note: Use of the Field Level Encryption functionality provided in the com.couchbase.client.encryption namespace provided by Couchbase is subject to the Couchbase Inc. Enterprise Subscription License Agreement at
    • propagateParentSpan

      boolean propagateParentSpan()
      If set to true, the code will check if a parent span is available and if so use this implicitly as a parent. This is enabled by default for ease of use but can be disabled in case it causes weird effects to parent spans in trace output.
      if a parent span should be propagated automatically.