Class TemporaryLockFailureException

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public class TemporaryLockFailureException
extends CouchbaseException
Thrown when the server reports a temporary failure and it is very likely to be lock-related (like an already locked key or a bad cas used for unlock). This is exception is very likely retryable. See this issue for a explanation of why this is only likely to be lock-related.
Simon Baslé
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  • Constructor Details

    • TemporaryLockFailureException

      public TemporaryLockFailureException()
    • TemporaryLockFailureException

      public TemporaryLockFailureException​(String message)
    • TemporaryLockFailureException

      public TemporaryLockFailureException​(String message, Throwable cause)
    • TemporaryLockFailureException

      public TemporaryLockFailureException​(Throwable cause)