Interface HintPath

All Superinterfaces:
GroupByPath, KeysPath, LetPath, LimitPath, OffsetPath, OrderByPath, Path, SelectResultPath, Statement, WherePath
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultAsPath, DefaultHintPath

public interface HintPath
extends KeysPath
Hint clause (especially for specifying indexes to use) after a from clause.
Simon Baslé
  • Method Details

    • useIndex

      KeysPath useIndex​(IndexReference... indexes)
      Hint at what index(es) to use for this query. Use IndexReference's factory methods.
    • useIndex

      KeysPath useIndex​(String... indexes)
      Hint at what index(es) to use for this query by giving names (will look for default index type). The index names will be escaped.