Interface AsyncSearchQueryResult

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public interface AsyncSearchQueryResult
The asynchronous interface for FTS query results.
Simon Baslé, Michael Nitschinger
  • Method Details

    • status

      SearchStatus status()
      The SearchStatus allows to check if the request was a full success (SearchStatus.isSuccess()) and gives more details about status for each queried index.
    • hits

      rx.Observable<SearchQueryRow> hits()
      An Observable of rows (or hits) describing each individual result. Note that in case of a partial success, Observer.onError(Throwable) will be called after each partial result has been emitted. In case of a full execution failure, no hit is emitted before the onError. The following execution-level exceptions can happen: - if there is one or more execution-level errors, each of them is represented as a RuntimeException, and all are aggregated into a single CompositeException. - if the request is malformed, the server side error message is returned as the message of a CouchbaseException.
    • facets

      rx.Observable<FacetResult> facets()
      An Observable emitting a FacetResult for each requested facet in the original request.
    • metrics

      rx.Observable<SearchMetrics> metrics()
      An Observable asynchronously providing statistics about the request in the form of a single SearchMetrics. Note that the metrics are emitted after all hits have been received.