Interface SearchQueryRow

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public interface SearchQueryRow
An FTS result row (or hit).
Simon Baslé, Michael Nitschinger
  • Method Details

    • index

      String index()
      The name of the FTS pindex that gave this result.
    • id

      String id()
      The id of the matching document.
    • score

      double score()
      The score of this hit.
    • explanation

      JsonObject explanation()
      If requested in the query, an explanation of the match, in JSON form.
    • locations

      HitLocations locations()
      This hit's location, as an HitLocations map-like object.
    • fragments

      Map<String,​List<String>> fragments()
      The fragments for each field that was requested as highlighted (as defined in the SearchParams). A fragment is an extract of the field's value where the matching terms occur. Matching terms are surrounded by a <match> tag.
      the fragments as a Map. Keys are the fields.
    • fields

      Map<String,​String> fields()
      The value of each requested field (as defined in the SearchQuery.
      the fields values as a Map. Keys are the fields.