Class RetryWhenFunction

All Implemented Interfaces:
rx.functions.Func1<rx.Observable<? extends Throwable>,​rx.Observable<?>>, rx.functions.Function

public class RetryWhenFunction
extends Object
implements rx.functions.Func1<rx.Observable<? extends Throwable>,​rx.Observable<?>>
Combine a mapping of errors to their attempt number with a flatmap that induces a retry delay into a function that can be passed to an Observable's retryWhen operation.
Simon Baslé
See Also:
how to construct such a function in a fluent manner.
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      public rx.Observable<?> call​(rx.Observable<? extends Throwable> errors)
      Specified by:
      call in interface rx.functions.Func1<rx.Observable<? extends Throwable>,​rx.Observable<?>>