Class ExistsResult

  • public class ExistsResult
    extends Object
    Result returned from an exists KeyValue operation.
    • Method Detail

      • cas

        public long cas()
        Returns the CAS value of document at the time of loading.

        Note that if the document does not exist, this will return 0!

        The CAS value is an opaque identifier which is associated with a specific state of the document on the server. It can be used during a subsequent mutation to make sure that the document has not been modified in the meantime.

        If document on the server has been modified in the meantime the SDK will raise a CasMismatchException. In this case the caller is expected to re-do the whole "fetch-modify-update" cycle again. Please refer to the SDK documentation for more information on CAS mismatches and subsequent retries.

      • exists

        public boolean exists()
        True if the document exists, false otherwise.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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