ClusterManager CreateBucket Method Couchbase .NET SDK 2.2
Creates a new bucket on the cluster

Namespace: Couchbase.Management
Assembly: Couchbase.NetClient (in Couchbase.NetClient.dll) Version: (
public IResult CreateBucket(
	string name,
	uint ramQuota = 100,
	BucketTypeEnum bucketType = BucketTypeEnum.Couchbase,
	ReplicaNumber replicaNumber = ReplicaNumber.Two,
	AuthType authType = AuthType.Sasl,
	bool indexReplicas = false,
	bool flushEnabled = false,
	bool parallelDbAndViewCompaction = false,
	string saslPassword = "",
	ThreadNumber threadNumber = ThreadNumber.Two


Type: System String
Required parameter. Name for new bucket.
ramQuota (Optional)
Type: System UInt32
The RAM quota in megabytes. The default is 100.
bucketType (Optional)
Type: Couchbase.Core.Buckets BucketTypeEnum
Required parameter. Type of bucket to be created. “Memcached” configures as Memcached bucket. “Couchbase” configures as Couchbase bucket
replicaNumber (Optional)
Type: Couchbase.Management ReplicaNumber
The number of replicas of each document: minimum 0, maximum 3.
authType (Optional)
Type: Couchbase.Authentication AuthType
The authentication type.
indexReplicas (Optional)
Type: System Boolean
Disable or enable indexes for bucket replicas.
flushEnabled (Optional)
Type: System Boolean
Enables the flush functionality on the specified bucket.
parallelDbAndViewCompaction (Optional)
Type: System Boolean
Indicates whether database and view files on disk can be compacted simultaneously.
saslPassword (Optional)
Type: System String
Optional Parameter. String. Password for SASL authentication. Required if SASL authentication has been enabled.
threadNumber (Optional)
Type: Couchbase.Management ThreadNumber
Optional Parameter. Integer from 2 to 8. Change the number of concurrent readers and writers for the data bucket.

Return Value

Type: IResult
A boolean value indicating the result.


IClusterManager CreateBucket(String, UInt32, BucketTypeEnum, ReplicaNumber, AuthType, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, String, ThreadNumber)
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