<readonly> exports :number

Enumeration of all error codes. See libcouchbase documentation for more details on what these errors represent.

  • number
Name Type Default Description
success number CONST.SUCCESS

Operation was successful

authContinue number CONST.AUTH_CONTINUE

Authentication should continue.

authError number CONST.AUTH_ERROR

Error authenticating.

deltaBadVal number CONST.DELTA_BADVAL

The passed incr/decr delta was invalid.

objectTooBig number CONST.E2BIG

Object is too large to be stored on the cluster.

serverBusy number CONST.EBUSY

Server is too busy to handle your request right now.

cLibInternal number CONST.EINTERNAL

Internal libcouchbase error.

cLibInvalidArgument number CONST.EINVAL

An invalid arguement was passed.

cLibOutOfMemory number CONST.ENOMEM

The server is out of memory.

invalidRange number CONST.ERANGE

An invalid range was specified.

cLibGenericError number CONST.ERROR

An unknown error occured within libcouchbase.

temporaryError number CONST.ETMPFAIL

A temporary error occured. Try again.

keyAlreadyExists number CONST.KEY_EEXISTS

The key already exists on the server.

keyNotFound number CONST.KEY_ENOENT

The key does not exist on the server.

failedToOpenLibrary number CONST.DLOPEN_FAILED

Failed to open library.

failedToFindSymbol number CONST.DLSYM_FAILED

Failed to find expected symbol in library.

networkError number CONST.NETWORK_ERROR

A network error occured.

wrongServer number CONST.NOT_MY_VBUCKET

Operations were performed on the incorrect server.

notMyVBucket number CONST.NOT_MY_VBUCKET

Operations were performed on the incorrect server.

notStored number CONST.NOT_STORED

The document was not stored.

notSupported number CONST.NOT_SUPPORTED

An unsupported operation was sent to the server.

unknownCommand number CONST.UNKNOWN_COMMAND

An unknown command was sent to the server.

unknownHost number CONST.UNKNOWN_HOST

An unknown host was specified.

protocolError number CONST.PROTOCOL_ERROR

A protocol error occured.

timedOut number CONST.ETIMEDOUT

The operation timed out.

connectError number CONST.CONNECT_ERROR

Error connecting to the server.

bucketNotFound number CONST.BUCKET_ENOENT

The bucket you request was not found.

clientOutOfMemory number CONST.CLIENT_ENOMEM

libcouchbase is out of memory.

clientTemporaryError number CONST.CLIENT_ETMPFAIL

A temporary error occured in libcouchbase. Try again.

badHandle number CONST.EBADHANDLE

A bad handle was passed.

serverBug number CONST.SERVER_BUG

A server bug caused the operation to fail.

invalidHostFormat number CONST.INVALID_HOST_FORMAT

The host format specified is invalid.


Not enough nodes to meet the operations durability requirements.

duplicateItems number CONST.DUPLICATE_COMMANDS

Duplicate items.

noMatchingServerForKey number CONST.NO_MATCHING_SERVER

Key mapping failed and could not match a server.

badEnvironmentVariable number CONST.BAD_ENVIRONMENT

A bad environment variable was specified.

outOfMemory number CONST['ErrorCode::MEMORY']

Couchnode is out of memory.

invalidArguments number CONST['ErrorCode::ARGUMENTS']

Invalid arguements were passed.

schedulingError number CONST['ErrorCode::SCHEDULING']

An error occured while trying to schedule the operation.

checkResults number CONST['ErrorCode::CHECK_RESULTS']

Not all operations completed successfully.

genericError number CONST['ErrorCode::GENERIC']

A generic error occured in Couchnode.

durabilityFailed number CONST['ErrorCode::DURABILITY_FAILED']

The specified durability requirements could not be satisfied.

restError number CONST['ErrorCode::REST']

An error occured during a RESTful operation.