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Interface AnalyticsQueryOptions


  • AnalyticsQueryOptions



Optional clientContextId

clientContextId: string

The returned client context id for this query.

Optional parameters

parameters: any[] | {}

Values to be used for the placeholders within the query.

Optional parentSpan

parentSpan: RequestSpan

The parent tracing span that this operation will be part of.

Optional priority

priority: boolean

Indicates whether this query should be executed with a specific priority level.

Optional queryContext

queryContext: string

Specifies the context within which this query should be executed. This can be scoped to a scope or a collection within the dataset.

Optional raw

raw: {}

Specifies any additional parameters which should be passed to the query engine when executing the query.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional readOnly

readOnly: boolean

Indicates whether this query should be executed in read-only mode.

Optional scanConsistency

scanConsistency: AnalyticsScanConsistency

Specifies the consistency requirements when executing the query.



Optional timeout

timeout: number

The timeout for this operation, represented in milliseconds.

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