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Interface SearchQueryOptions


  • SearchQueryOptions



Optional collections

collections: string[]

Specifies the collections which should be searched as part of the query.

Optional consistency

Specifies the consistency requirements when executing the query.



Optional consistentWith

consistentWith: MutationState

Specifies a MutationState which the query should be consistent with.



Optional disableScoring

disableScoring: boolean

Specifies that scoring should be disabled. This improves performance but makes it impossible to sort based on how well a particular result scored.

Optional explain

explain: boolean

Configures whether the result should contain the execution plan for the query.

Optional facets

facets: {}

Specifies any facets that should be included in the query.

Type declaration

Optional fields

fields: string[]

Specifies the list of fields which should be searched.

Optional highlight

highlight: { fields?: string[]; style?: HighlightStyle }

Specifies how the highlighting should behave. Specifically which mode should be used for highlighting as well as which fields should be highlighted.

Type declaration

  • Optional fields?: string[]
  • Optional style?: HighlightStyle

Optional limit

limit: number

Specifies the limit to the number of results that should be returned.

Optional parentSpan

parentSpan: RequestSpan

The parent tracing span that this operation will be part of.

Optional raw

raw: {}

Specifies any additional parameters which should be passed to the query engine when executing the query.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional skip

skip: number

Specifies the number of results to skip from the index before returning results.

Optional sort

sort: string[] | SearchSort[]

Specifies a list of fields or SearchSort's to use when sorting the result sets.

Optional timeout

timeout: number

The timeout for this operation, represented in milliseconds.

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