Interface MutateInOptions


  • MutateInOptions


cas?: Cas

If specified, indicates that operation should be failed if the CAS has changed from this value, indicating that the document has changed.

durabilityLevel?: DurabilityLevel

Specifies the level of synchronous durability for this operation.

expiry?: number

Specifies the expiry time for this document, specified in seconds.

preserveExpiry?: boolean

Specifies that any existing expiry on the document should be preserved.

storeSemantics?: StoreSemantics

Specifies the store semantics to use for this operation.

timeout?: number

The timeout for this operation, represented in milliseconds.

upsertDocument?: boolean

Specifies whether the operation should be performed with upsert semantics, creating the document if it does not already exist.


Use storeSemantics instead.

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