Class EventingFunctionSettings

Specifies a number of options which can be used when updating or creating a eventing function.


  • EventingFunctionSettings



appLogDir: string

The directory to write content of log() message files.

appLogMaxFiles: number

The number of log() message files to retain when rotating.

appLogMaxSize: number

The size in bytes of the log file when the file should be rotated.

bucketCacheAge: number

The time in milliseconds after which a cached bucket object is considered stale.

bucketCacheSize: number

The maximum size in bytes the bucket cache can grow to.

checkpointInterval: number

The number of seconds before writing a progress checkpoint.

cppWorkerThreadCount: number

The number of worker threads to use for the function.

curlMaxAllowedRespSize: number

The maximum allowable curl call response in 'MegaBytes'. Setting the value to 0 lifts the upper limit off. This parameters affects v8 engine stability since it defines the maximum amount of heap space acquired by a curl call.

dcpStreamBoundary: EventingFunctionDcpBoundary

The DCP stream boundary to use.

The current deployment status of the function.

description: string

A description of this eventing function.

enableAppLogRotation: boolean

Whether to enable rotating this handlers log() message files.

executionTimeout: number

The maximum period of time the function can execute on a document before timing out.

handlerFooters: string[]

The code to automatically append to bottom of handler code.

handlerHeaders: string[]

The code to automatically prepend to top of handler code.

The active compatibility mode for the function.

lcbInstCapacity: number

The maximum number of internal clients that the function should maintain for KV operations.

lcbRetryCount: number

The maximum number of times to retry a KV operation before failing the function.

lcbTimeout: number

The maximum period of time a KV operation within the function can operate before timing out.

The level of logging that should be captured for the function.

numTimerPartitions: number

The number of partitions that should be used for timer tracking.

The current processing status of the function.

queryConsistency: QueryScanConsistency

The level of consistency to use when performing queries in the function.

queryPrepareAll: boolean

Whether to automatically prepare all query statements in the handler.

sockBatchSize: number

The batch size for messages from producer to consumer.

tickDuration: number

The duration to log stats from this handler, in milliseconds.

timerContextSize: number

The size limit of timer context object.

userPrefix: string

The key prefix for all data stored in metadata by this handler.

workerCount: number

The number of worker processes handler utilizes on each eventing node.

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