Class BucketSettings

Represents the the configured options for a bucket.


  • BucketSettings



bucketType?: BucketType

Specifies the type of bucket that should be used.

compressionMode?: CompressionMode

Specifies the compression mode that should be used.

evictionPolicy?: EvictionPolicy

Specifies the ejection method that should be used.

flushEnabled?: boolean

Whether the flush operation (truncating all data in the bucket) should be enabled.

maxExpiry?: number

Specifies the maximum expiry time that any document should be permitted to have. Any documents stored with an expiry configured higher than this will be forced to this number.

minimumDurabilityLevel?: DurabilityLevel

Specifies the minimum durability level that should be used for any write operations which are performed against this bucket.

name: string

The name of the bucket.

numReplicas?: number

The number of replicas that should exist for this bucket.

ramQuotaMB: number

The amount of RAM which should be allocated to this bucket, expressed in megabytes.

replicaIndexes?: boolean

Whether the indexes on this bucket should be replicated.

storageBackend?: string

Specifies the storage backend to use for the bucket.


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