gevent InterfaceΒΆ


The async APIs below are from SDK2 and currently only available from the couchbase_v2 legacy support package. They will be updated to support SDK3 shortly. See JIRA.

The gcouchbase module offers a complete API which is fully compatible with the couchbase_v2.bucket.Bucket API, but is fully aware and optimized for the gevent Hub.

Currently, this has been tested with gevent version 0.13 and 1.0.0.

As the gcouchbase implementation relies on gevent internal APIs itself there may be incompatibilities between minor gevent releases, although this is not expected.

Example usage:

from gcouchbase import Bucket
cb = Bucket('couchbase://localhost/default')

# Like the normal Bucket API
res = cb.upsert("foo", "bar")
res = cb.get("foo")

viewiter = cb.query("beer", "brewery_beers", limit=4)
for row in viewiter:
    print("Have row {0}".format(row))