Twisted Interface


The async APIs below are from SDK2 and currently only available from the couchbase_v2 legacy support package. They will be updated to support SDK3 shortly. See JIRA.

The Twisted interface is for use with the Twisted Python event and networking library which may be found at This documentation contains the API reference for how to use the txcouchbase module with Twisted.

For the most part, the txcouchbase API functions like its synchronous counterpart, Bucket, except for its asynchronous nature. Where the synchronous API returns a Result object, the txcouchbase API returns a Deferred which will have its callback invoked with a result.

As such, we will omit the mentions of the normal key value operations, which function identially to their synchronous conterparts documented in the Bucket class.

The Bucket interface for Twisted is subclassed from the lower-level RawBucket which returns AsyncResult objects rather than Deferred objects. This is largely due to performance reasons (Deferreds result in a 3x performance slowdown).

class txcouchbase.bucket.RawBucket
class txcouchbase.bucket.Bucket
class txcouchbase.bucket.BatchedView