asyncio Interface

The asyncio interface is for use with the Async IO Python standard library that ships with Python 3.4 and greater. This documentation contains the API reference for how to use the acouchbase module with asyncio.

For the most part, the acouchbase API functions like its synchronous counterpart, couchbase, except for its asynchronous nature. Where the synchronous API returns a Result object, the acouchbase API returns an AsyncResult which will have its callback invoked with a result.

As such, we will omit the mentions of the normal key value operations, which function identially to their synchronous conterparts documented in the Cluster Bucket, and Collection classes.

class acouchbase.cluster.AIOClientMixin
class acouchbase.cluster.Cluster
class acouchbase.cluster.Bucket
class acouchbase.cluster.Collection
class acouchbase.iterator.AQueryResult
class acouchbase.iterator.ASearchResult
class acouchbase.iterator.AViewResult
class acouchbase.iterator.AAnalyticsResult