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couchbase::lookup_in_options Class Reference

Options for collection::lookup_in() More...

#include <options.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for couchbase::lookup_in_options:
couchbase::common_options< lookup_in_options >

Public Member Functions

CB_NODISCARD boost::tribool access_deleted () const
 Get access deleted flag. More...
lookup_in_optionsaccess_deleted (boost::tribool access_deleted)
 Set access_deleted flag. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from couchbase::common_options< lookup_in_options >
CB_NODISCARD boost::optional< std::chrono::microseconds > timeout () const
 get timeout More...
lookup_in_optionstimeout (R timeout)
 Set timeout. More...

Detailed Description

Options for collection::lookup_in()


Member Function Documentation

◆ access_deleted() [1/2]

CB_NODISCARD boost::tribool couchbase::lookup_in_options::access_deleted ( ) const

Get access deleted flag.

When true, recently deleted documents can be read. Used internally in conjunction with create_deleted.

The access_deleted flag.

◆ access_deleted() [2/2]

lookup_in_options& couchbase::lookup_in_options::access_deleted ( boost::tribool  access_deleted)

Set access_deleted flag.

All operations ignore deleted documents, unless this is set to true.

access_deletedDesired state for access_deleted.
Reference to this object, so calls can be chained.

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