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couchbase::lookup_in_spec Class Reference

Specify specific elements in a document to look up. More...

#include <lookup_in_spec.hxx>

Public Member Functions

lookup_in_specxattr ()

Static Public Member Functions

static lookup_in_spec get (const std::string &path)
static lookup_in_spec fulldoc_get ()

Detailed Description

Specify specific elements in a document to look up.

Used in collection::lookup_in, you can specify a specific path within a document to return. See collection::lookup_in.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fulldoc_get()

static lookup_in_spec couchbase::lookup_in_spec::fulldoc_get ( )

Get entire doc.

A new lookup_in_spec.

◆ get()

static lookup_in_spec couchbase::lookup_in_spec::get ( const std::string &  path)

Get everything at a specific path.

pathThe dot-separated path you are interested in.
A new lookup_in_spec.

◆ xattr()

lookup_in_spec& couchbase::lookup_in_spec::xattr ( )

Specify the lookup is on xattrs, rather than the document body.

Reference to the spec, so you can chain the calls.

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