Couchbase Transactions C++ Client  1.0.0
Transactions client for couchbase
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options.hxx File Reference
#include <boost/logic/tribool.hpp>
#include <boost/optional.hpp>
#include <boost/optional/optional_io.hpp>
#include <chrono>
#include <couchbase/support.hxx>

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class  couchbase::common_options< T >
 base class for all options More...
class  couchbase::common_mutate_options< T >
 Options common to mutation operations. More...
class  couchbase::get_options
 Options for collection::get() More...
class  couchbase::exists_options
 Options for collection::exists() More...
class  couchbase::upsert_options
 Options for collection::upsert() More...
class  couchbase::replace_options
 Options for collection::replace() More...
class  couchbase::remove_options
 Options for collection::remove() More...
class  couchbase::insert_options
 Options for collection::insert() More...
class  couchbase::lookup_in_options
 Options for collection::lookup_in() More...
class  couchbase::mutate_in_options
 Options for collection::mutate_in() More...


enum  couchbase::durability_level { couchbase::durability_level::none, couchbase::durability_level::majority, couchbase::durability_level::majority_and_persist_to_active, couchbase::durability_level::persist_to_majority }
 KV Write Durability. More...
enum  couchbase::subdoc_store_semantics { couchbase::subdoc_store_semantics::upsert, couchbase::subdoc_store_semantics::insert, couchbase::subdoc_store_semantics::replace }
 store semantics for subdoc mutations More...

Detailed Description

Provides options objects for all the kv operations in Couchbase Transactions Client.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ durability_level

KV Write Durability.

When writing a document (insert, upsert, replace, mutate_in), we may want the opreation to not return until the document is in memory, or on disk, within the cluster.

◆ subdoc_store_semantics

store semantics for subdoc mutations

When not specified, the semantics are inferred from the mutate_in_spec in the mutate_in operation. However, if needed, it can be specified.