Class ConcurrentOperationsDetectedOnSameDocument

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    public class ConcurrentOperationsDetectedOnSameDocument
    extends java.lang.RuntimeException
    Concurrent Key-Value operations on the same document have been detected. This is not permitted. Most such operations will fail - for instance, it doesn't make conceptual sense to be simultaneously inserting and deleting the same document. At best, it results in an ambiguous race as to which succeeds. Hence, this situation is regarded as an application bug that needs to be resolved, and will fail the transaction. Note that this situation cannot always be detected. E.g. if two get-and-replaces are performed concurrently, they may happen to perform in serial (as it's a race) in which case they will both succeed.
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      • ConcurrentOperationsDetectedOnSameDocument

        public ConcurrentOperationsDetectedOnSameDocument()