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Couchbase Web Console

The Couchbase Web Console is the main tool for managing the Couchbase environment.

When you start the Couchbase Web Console, the introductory screen opens with the tab Cluster Overview selected by default.

web console

The Cluster Overview screen contains three sections: Cluster, Buckets, and Servers.


The Cluster section provides information on the RAM and disk usage information for your cluster.

ui cluster

For the RAM information, you are provided with a graphical representation of your RAM situation, including:

  • Total in Cluster

Total RAM or the total amount of memory configured for all the servers within the cluster.

  • Total Allocated

The amount of RAM allocated to data buckets within your cluster.

  • Unallocated

The amount of RAM not allocated to data buckets within your cluster.

  • In Use

The amount of memory across all buckets that is actually in use (that is data is actively being stored).

  • Unused

The amount of memory that is unused (available) for storing data.

The Disk Overview section provides similar summary information for disk storage space across your cluster.

  • Total Cluster Storage

The total amount of disk storage available across your entire cluster for storing data.

  • Usable Free Space

The amount of usable space for storing information on disk. This figure shows the amount of space available on the configured path after non-Couchbase files have been taken into account.

  • Other Data

The quantity of disk space in use by data other than Couchbase information.

For memory, it is comprised of the memory consumed by all other Couchbase Server processes (beam.smp, memcached, etc.), other processes, and that used by the operating system for disk cache.

  • In Use

The amount of disk space being used to store actively information on disk.

  • Free

The free space available for storing objects on disk.


The Buckets section provides two graphs showing the Operations per second and Disk fetches per second.

web console cluster overview buckets

The Operations per second provides information on the level of activity on the cluster in terms of storing or retrieving objects from the data store.

The Disk fetches per second indicate how frequently Couchbase Server is reaching to disk to retrieve information instead of using the information stored in RAM.

For more details, see Bucket setup.


The Servers section indicates overall server information for the cluster:

ui servers
Active Servers

The number of active servers within the current cluster configuration.

Servers Failed Over

The number of servers that have failed over due to an issue that should be investigated.

Servers Down

The number of servers that are down and cannot be contacted.

Servers Pending Rebalance

The number of servers that are currently waiting to be rebalanced after joining a cluster or being reactivated after failover.

For more details, see Server setup.