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Install Azure using the wizard

Use the wizard to deploy Couchbase Server on Microsoft Azure.

To deploy Couchbase Server on Microsoft Azure, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account for the Azure Management portal manage.windowsazure.com and select Virtual Machines in the left menu.

    deploy azure01
  2. Create a new virtual machine by pressing the + (plus) symbol in the lower left corner:

  3. Follow the wizard to create a virtual machine From Gallery that was pre-installed with Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

  4. In the second part of the virtual machine configuration, wizard fills in the Virtual Machine Name. This is the display name that will be used by Windows Azure inside the Portal.

  5. Choose username and password. They are used for Remote Desktop to the VM, which is important since you need to install Couchbase Server on the VM using Remote Desktop.

    deploy azure02
  6. Pick up the VM machine size (A1 through G5).

  7. In the third part of the configuration wizard, we need to pick a DNS name and Region and leave all other options unchanged Region: To lower network latency chose an area close to your location. DNS: Please note that the DNS name needs to be unique for all Azure instances.

  8. In the fourth and last step, leave all settings and their defaults and select done/checkmark.

    deploy azure03

    The moment the wizard is complete Azure begins the process to start the new VM: Loading, Provisioning, Start, Running.

    deploy azure04
  9. Press "Connect" in the lower left in the Dashboard tab for the newly created WM. This will start a download of a preconfigured Remote Desktop file. Open the file and follow the steps in "Remote Desktop" to log in to the VM.

    deploy azure05
  10. Before installing Couchbase Server, perform the following basic setup steps. Disable Enhanced IE Security and in Firewall Settings make sure that the required ports are open so that the client can connect to the node. Verify the list of ports.

    deploy azure06
    deploy azure07
  11. Open MS Internet Explorer and navigate to the Couchbase download site.

  12. Download the 64 bit Windows installer and when the download is complete start the installation.

  13. Open the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and add a line to map the VM’s Private IP to Public DNS Name. For Example: cb4.cloudapp.net

  14. Open the Couchbase Web Console and in the hostname field insert your DNS name followed by .cloudapp.net. Click Next. For example:

  15. If you would like to install sample data, do so now or later. From here on, follow the Cluster setup instructions.

  16. In the next setup screen, enter the Per Node RAM Quota and check other options as you need for your application needs. Click Next.

  17. In the Notifications tab, fill in the required fields.

  18. In the last configuration window, set the Administrator password.