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Installing as non-administrator user

When installing Mac OSX nodes, only 64 bit systems are supported.

If you perform a non-sudo, non-root installation, you can run Couchbase Server and all its command-line tools.

To install as non-root, non-sudo:

  1. After downloading Couchbase Server, open terminal and go to the Downloads directory:

    cd ~/Downloads/
  2. Unzip the package containing Couchbase Server:

    open couchbase-server-version.zip
  3. Move Couchbase Server application to your /Applications folder:

    mv couchbase-server-version/Couchbase\Server.app/Applications/
  4. Start Couchbase Server from the terminal:

    open /Applications/Couchbase\Server.app

    This enables you to use Couchbase Server as a non-sudo, non-root user.

  5. To stop the Couchbase Server, click on its icon in the menu bar and select Quit Couchbase Server.