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Configure account management settings

The Account Management tab lets you set up and modify the read-only user’s username and password.

This user has read-only access and cannot make any changes to the system, nor can it access N1QL. The user can only view existing servers, buckets, views and monitor stats.

account mgmt

In the Couchbase Web Console, a read-only user can view:

  • Cluster Overview.

  • Design documents and view definitions but cannot query views.

  • Bucket summaries including Cache Size and Storage Size, but cannot view documents.

  • List of XDCR replications and remote clusters.

  • Logged events under the Log tab, but the user cannot Generate Diagnostic Report.

  • Settings for a cluster.

One non-administrative user can be created with read-only access for the Web Console and REST API.

A read-only user cannot create buckets, edit buckets, add nodes to clusters, change XDCR settings, create views or see any stored data. Any REST API calls which require administrator privileges will fail and return an error.

If a read-only user performs a REST POST or DELETE request that changes cluster, bucket, XDCR, or node settings, the server sends an HTTP 401 error:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Couchbase Server Admin / REST"
The read-only user cannot set up a Couchbase SDK to connect to the server. All SDKs require that a client connect with bucket-level credentials.