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Create replication

Create a replication between clusters after creating references to the source and destination cluster.

After you configure and start replication, view the current status and list of replications in the Ongoing Replications section.

  1. Click Create Replication to configure a new XDCR replication. A panel appears where you can configure a new replication from the source to the destination cluster.

    xdcr create replication
  2. In the section Replicate changes from, select a bucket from the current cluster to replicate.

  3. In the section To, select a destination cluster and enter the bucket name from the destination cluster:

  4. Select the check box Enable Advanced filtering. This will allow you to specify the filtering expression while creating replication.

    For more details, see Configure XDCR filtering.

  5. Configure XDCR advanced settings.

  6. Click the Replicate button to start the replication process.