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Monitor the recovery process

Use the Couchbase Web Console to monitor the recovery process.

To monitor the progress of recovery:

  1. Click on the Data Buckets tab.

  2. Select the data bucket you are recovering from the Data Buckets drop-down list.

  3. Click on the Summary drop-down list to see more details about this data bucket. You will see an increased number of items during recovery:

    xdcr recovery process 1
  4. You can also see the number of active vBuckets increase as they are recovered until you reach 1024 vBuckets.

    Click on the vBucket Resources drop-down:

    xdcr recovery process 2

    Since this tool runs from the command line, you can stop it at any time.

  5. The Stop Recovery button appears in the Servers panels. If you click this button, you will stop the recovery process between clusters. Once the recovery process completes, this button will no longer appear, and you will need to rebalance the cluster. You can also stop it in this panel:

    xdcr recovery process 3
  6. After the recovery completes, click on the Server Nodes tab and then on Rebalance to rebalance your cluster. When cbrecovery finishes, it will output a report in the console:

      Recovery :                Total |    Per sec
            batch    :                 0000 |       14.5
            byte     :                 0000 |      156.0
            msg      :                 0000 |       15.6
            4 vbuckets recovered with elapsed time 10.90 seconds

In this report: batch is a group of internal operations performed by cbrecovery, byte indicates the total number of bytes recovered, and msg is the number of documents recovered.