Adds one or more servers to a cluster.


The basic syntax is:

couchbase-cli server-add -c [host]:8091 -u [admin] -p [password]


Couchbase Server services are enabled when you add a node to a cluster and specify its services.

The typical command used to add a node to a cluster is the server-add command. However, a node can also be added to a cluster when executing the rebalance command.

Once a server has been successfully added, the Couchbase Server cluster indicates that a rebalance is required to complete the operation.

You can cancel the addition of a node to a cluster without rebalancing. Canceling the operation removes the server from the cluster without transferring or exchanging any data since no rebalance operation took place. Cancel the operation using the Couchbase Web Console.

Couchbase Server services can only be enabled via the CLI when adding a server to an existing cluster.


The following are the command options:

Table 1. server-add options
Parameter Description

--server-add=HOST [:PORT]

The server that is added.


Administrator name to add the server.


Administrator password to add the server.


The name of the group to which the server is added.


Services that run on the server. To specify multiple services, separate the service with a comma.

For example, --services=data,index.

Couchbases services are specified only when a server is added to the cluster. For a production environment, specify only one service per node. However, for the development environment, more than one service can be enabled on a single node.


Example 1:

Adds a node to a cluster but does not rebalance:

couchbase-cli server-add -c \
--server-add= --server-add-username=Administrator \
--server-add-password=password --services=data

Example 2:

Adds a node to a cluster and specifies the index and query services. If a Couchbase Server service is not provided, the default (data service) is enabled.


couchbase-cli server-add -c -u Administrator -p password \
--server-add= --server-add-username=Administrator \
--server-add-password=password --services=data,index


Request example response:

SUCCESS: server-add

Example 3:

If the --group-name option is not specified with the server-add command, the server is added to the default group.

couchbase-cli server-add -c \
--server-add= --server-add-username=Administrator \
--server-add-password=password --group-name=groupName