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Adding a server

Add nodes to a cluster via the UI, CLI, or REST API interface.

There are several methods for adding a node to a cluster. In each case, one or more nodes are marked to be added to the cluster, but it doesn’t become an active member of the cluster until you rebalance the cluster.

In a CLI call, the rebalance can optionally be done while adding the new nodes. When using the UI, rebalancing requires an extra click.

When setting up a new Couchbase Server installation, you have the option to join the new node to an existing cluster.

During the first step, select the Join a cluster now radio button, as shown in the figure below:

add node

You are prompted to add the following information:

IP Address

The IP address or hostname of an existing node within the cluster you want to join.


The username of the administrator of the target cluster.


The password of the administrator of the target cluster.

The node will be created as a new cluster, but the pending status of the node within the new cluster will be indicated on the Cluster Overview page, as shown in the example below:

admin tasks rebalance node added