Release Notes

Release notes for the 1.1 version of the Spark connector.

Couchbase Spark Connector 1.1.0 GA (February 2016)

Version 1.1.0 is the stable release of the 1.1.x series. It brings compatibility with Spark 1.5.0 as well as the following fixes and enhancements over 1.0.0:

Spark Core

  • Support for Spark 1.5.x.

  • SPARKC-39: Javac compatibility has been set to 1.7.

  • SPARKC-29: Support was added for spark.couchbase. prefixed properties in addition to com.couchbase..

  • SPARKC-32: KeyValuePartitions are now properly numbered fixing invalid array access exceptions on join, union, and others.

  • SPARKC-36: Transparent error handling with configurable backoff has been added to KV, N1QL, and View RDDs.

Spark Streaming

  • SPARKC-31: When writing a DStream, StoreOptions are now also supported.