Talend Connector

The Couchbase Talend connector enables you to manage and transform your data between Couchbase Server and other data stores in your enterprise.

High-level Architecture

The Talend connector for Couchbase connects Couchbase to the Talend big data platform. You can use the Talend connector for Couchbase to move data between Couchbase and any other data store. The connector consists of two components – tCouchbaseInput, the input component, and tCouchbaseOutput, the output component. To bring data from other data sources into Couchbase, tCouchbaseInput takes incoming data streams and transforms them into JSON documents before they are stored in Couchbase. To import data into Couchbase, define which data fields need to be transformed into JSON attributes. Similarly, to export data from Couchbase to other data sources, the tCouchbaseOutput connector uses the schema mapping specified by the user to read JSON documents and transform them into target data formats.

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For more information, see the Talend Connector for Couchbase datasheet.

Getting Started

To get started with Couchbase Server and Talend:

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