Accessing data with a browser

The Couchbase administrator console allows easy access to documents by using your web browser. You can create, retrieve, update, and remove items by using this interface.

This interface should be used for informational or development purposes only (there is no REST API to access data). In the UI, you can only edit documents that are up to 2.5 kilobits in size.

To access documents using the Web UI:

  1. Navigate your browser to a cluster node. Type the address of the cluster with the port (8091). webui login

    The password is the password you used when setting up the cluster

  2. Once logged in, go to the Data Buckets section: webui buckets

  3. Click on the documents button of the default bucket. (We’ll learn more about buckets later on): webui documents

  4. To retrieve a document, type in the document ID and click on "Lookup ID": webui lookup

    This will take you to the document page where you can view and edit the document.

    webui editor existing
  5. To create a new document, go back to the ‘Documents’ section and click on ‘Create Document’ webui create document

  6. You’ll be prompted to enter a document ID: webui newdoc prompt

  7. Once created, you can now edit your document. Don’t forget to save when done webui editor new