Installing with AMI

You can find the Couchbase Server’s Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) by searching for couchbase in the Amazon’s EC2 portal.

To install the Couchbase Server AMI:

  1. Visit the page that contains Couchbase Server AMIs.

  2. When prompted, sign into your AWS account.

  3. Select the AWS Region where you want to launch your Couchbase Server instance in the Region section.

  4. Choose your preferred instance type in the Amazon EC2 Instance Type section.

  5. Choose a Key Pair to associate with the instance in the Key Pair section.

  6. Select the Key Pair you want to use when connecting to the instance over Secure Shell (SSH) in the Key Pair section.

  7. Click Launch with 1-Click to create your new instance.

  8. After the instance is created, you will be presented with the deployment details. Take note of the Instance ID.

  9. Sign into the AWS Management Console, select EC2 and click the ID for the instance just created. In the instance detail panel, make a note of the Public DNS hostname. You will need this to log into your Couchbase Server installation.

  10. To connect to your Couchbase Server installation, open a browser and connect to the instance URL on port 8091. For example,

    Answer the prompts for the username and password for the Couchbase Server web console:

    • Username is Administrator

    • Password is your instance ID

  11. When you have successfully logged in, you should be presented with the Couchbase Server Administration Web Console Cluster Overview window. The server is automatically configured for you.

After the instance has started, it will operate just like any Couchbase Server instance. This single instance can operate independently, or can be added to a group of similar instances to create a cluster.