Azure Marketplace

Make sure that you have the prerequisites for installing Microsoft Azure.

Use the pre-installation checklist to ensure that you have all requirements:

Minimum hardware recommendations
  • 2 cores and 4 GB for development.

  • 4 cores and 16 GB for production.

  • For development workloads, choose instance types: D2, D11, A3, A5 or larger.

  • For production workloads, choose instance types: D3, D12 or A6 or larger.

Configuration of the Azure network
  • Note that a virtual network is the most efficient way.

  • Configure a Virtual Network for nodes and applications per DC/Region.

  • Set up Vnet-to-Vnet connection between DCs/Regions.

  • Note that PrivateIPs are faster to route than public IPs.

Configuration of Availability Sets and Server Groups for full protection
  • Ensure Protection against upgrades and rack failures.

  • Configure availability set per VNet.

  • Ensure that all nodes are in the same availability set.

  • Ensure that all nodes are in separate groups in the Couchbase Server cluster.

Configuration of Couchbase Server
  • Use static IPs with nodes.

  • Set AzureStaticVNetIP in Powershell or check the box in the new portal.

  • Use a PrivateIP for server communication.

  • Register the node PrivateIPs (ex: 10.0.x.x) with the Couchbase Web Console.

  • Enable remote administration.

  • Use a jump box for the front admin access, or open 18901 for the encrypted admin access (only with Couchbase Server 3.0).

  • Map externally to another random port for security.

  • ACL the #18091 endpoint.

  • Couchbase Web Console and CLI use #18091, which is SSL encrypted.

  • ACL #18091 for added security. No need to open any other port

  • Encrypt cross DC/Region traffic with SSL.

Configuration of the Couchbase Server application
  • Ensure that applications are deployed to the same Vnet.

  • Use privateIPs (10.0.x.x) for websites, VM applications or cloud services.

    • SSL based client-server communications

    • SSL based view access: https://couchbase_server:18092/…

Configuration of storage
  • Mount data disks and stripe across with RAID 0.

  • Do not use ephemeral drive, which will be reset under node restart.

  • Do not use OS drive because it is limited in size.

  • Do not use ReadWrite caching for Couchbase Server data drives, since it writes through to Azure Storage.